Fighting the Flu in the Heart of WinterWe’re in the heart of winter now, and crips nights and chilly mornings can be invigorating. Unfortunately, catching a cold also tends to come easier, and fighting the flu tends to be a season-long battle. What can you do to lessen your chances of getting sick? If you do get sick, when should you go see a doctor?

With colder weather, people tend to spend more time indoors, which puts them in closer contact with others. Schools are an excellent example of this, as they do not want the children outside during colder, more inclement weather. Any virus that one person may carry is more easily transmitted to others in these close quarters.

The very reason we remain inside is also a culprit in the spreading of illness. People spend more time indoors to stay warm, but the dry, heated air can dry nasal passages which allows an easy entrance of a virus into one’s body. Even without the added heat, the colder air of winter is dry and causes the same nasal issues. Consider that the common cold virus spreads more easily in cool, dry air and we start to understand why so many people get sick during this time of year.

While there are numerous strains of the common cold, we are able to more or less isolate the latest flu strain and deliver a flu shot created specifically to fight off the one that’s coming for you. Winter is still going strong, and the opportunity to catch the flu still stalks the cold air, waiting for a chance to infect another victim.

Don’t be the next to get sick! At Hampton Family Practice, we have flu shots prepped and ready for you. Visit us online to schedule your appointment today and get started fighting the flu today!