How to Eat Healthy During The HolidaysYou’ve been working hard at staying in shape with exercise and eating healthy foods. But the holidays will be here soon, and you know you’ll be tempted to eat all of your favorite meals without restraint. You want to enjoy the holidays without sacrificing the success you made so far. Here are some ways you can eat well during the holidays.


Focus on The Fruits, Vegetables, and Proteins

When eating during the holidays, you want to avoid excess consumption of carbs and sugary foods. Instead, you want to fill up on vegetables, fruits, and proteins. You will feel full but without the guilt. It also helps to drink water with your meals to prevent the temptation of getting seconds.

Ignore The Sodas and Alcoholic Beverages

Sodas and alcoholic beverages have high amounts of calories, so if you’re trying to maintain the weight loss during the holidays, drink more water instead.

Make Time for Exercise

During the holidays, you’re probably not thinking about working out but rather eating and having fun with your family and friends. Get creative with your workout routine. Maybe you can go on a bike ride with relatives who are visiting from out of town. Or you can have a dance party in the yard with the kids after Thanksgiving dinner. 

Control the Portions

Another way to eat healthy during the holidays is to practice portion control. When you eat more than you need to, the calories add up and it becomes harder to burn off. Use smaller plates to reduce the temptation to pile up a lot of food on your plate.

Prepare Healthier Versions of Meals 

If you’re the one who is hosting the holiday meal this year, consider making alternative versions of certain foods. Instead of traditional macaroni and cheese, you can substitute mashed cauliflower. Instead of green bean casserole, you can prepare roasted vegetables with herbed garlic oil.


With these helpful strategies, you can enjoy the holidays while sticking to a healthy lifestyle. If you have any health concerns or questions, including on how to best eat healthy this holiday season, please contact us to schedule an appointment.