Prevention and Wellness

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Hampton Family Practice provides comprehensive prevention and wellness services to help ensure the health of your family and community. For wellness family medicine in Hampton, Virginia, visit Hampton Family Practice.

Wellness Exams

The Center for Disease Control and other national health organizations urge all Americans to have a yearly wellness exam. Annual wellness exams for both adults and children are the first defense against illness and disease. A yearly checkup can detect health issues early when they are most easily treated and often prevent them from becoming more serious.
When indicated, Hampton Family Practice performs electrocardiograms (EKG/ECD) to assess your heart health. We also perform screenings to check for bone density, an important test for senior patients in particular. In addition, our facility has the capacity to do blood tests to check your cholesterol and blood sugar levels and screen for cancer and other conditions.

Child Well Visits

The experienced doctors at Hampton Family Practice perform well-child exams so they can make certain your children are developing as they should. They keep your child’s immunizations are up to date, informing you of the latest vaccines, and advise you on a number of common issues, including your child’s sleep patterns, eating habits, and skin problems. At your child’s wellness checkup, they can perform hearing and vision screenings, pulmonary function testing if needed, breathing treatments and ear wax removal. These exams can also spot signs of chronic diseases, such as asthma, and allow for your child to begin immediate treatment.

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Sports Physicals

Hampton Family Practice understands the needs of local athletic leagues, schools and university athletic departments. Sports physicals are important check-ups that provide an opportunity to look at the the total wellness of your child. Our sports physicals are thorough and efficient to help determine if there are any problems that may interfere with your child’s ability to participate in a sport.

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Physicals for Adults

Hampton Family Practice offers checkups for healthy men and women of all ages, taking detailed histories and checking your lung and heart function as well as following up on any physical and emotional complaints. Includes annual Medicare wellness visits. For adult wellness exams, we offer any necessary lab screenings, pulmonary function testing, hearing and vision screenings, disease prevention counseling as well as advanced care planning.

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Healthy Woman Exams

Our doctors can give women their yearly health exam, perform pap smears and prescribe birth control, including Implanon/Nexplanon and IUDs. They can also advise you on any reproductive concerns that you have. Our clinic is concerned with all aspects of your health.

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